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EasyBCD 1.7.2

Windows Vista comes with a new bootloader and gives users much more control over the bootloading process - but it´s almost impossible to use. EasyBCD is an advanced GUI that makes it easy to modify the Windows Vista bootloader and the entries in it, all of it is a click away.

EasyBCD is a utility used to add, remove, change, and configure entries in the normally difficult to tweak Windows Vista boot loader, and allows end users to perform a range of actions that include adding Vista and Legacy based entries to the boot loader, backing up and restoring boot loader settings, disabling x64 Edition driver checks, limiting the amount of physical memory and/or processors available to Windows Vista, recovering a fried Master Boot Record, and regaining lost operating systems from Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

It works with all versions of Windows Vista since Beta 1, and includes advanced features such as allowing the installation of unsigned device drivers, limiting memory, and debugging Windows.

What's New in version 1.7.2:

* Possible incorrect startmenu locations on non-English locales
* Buttons in setup do not work on Vista SP1


Fais cWaKep said...

makasih ya zob atas infonya..

abdulloh said...

haloooo salam kenal?

Haryo Guritno said...

terimakasih, blog ini sangat membantu sekali buat kami..kami berhasil mendownload software yg kami cari...semoga bisa bermanfaat buat yg lainnya..

javieth said...

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Nikmaya John said...

Kayaknya bagus ini software,,,, kira2 buat xp bisa gak gan????

Anonymous said...

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