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Risingware Exp+ Free Edition 2.5.0

With dual panels and multiple tabs, Risingware Exp+ 2.5.0 seamlessly integrates most indispensable software into one, a dual-panel file manager, a multi-process browser based on Trident (IE) layout engine, and utilities. In short, it is a super explorer providing you a single access to your desktop and the web.

That is, in an instant you own File Compression Tool, Consecutive File Renamer, Image Previewer, File Content Previewer, File Split Tool, Multiple Search Tool, Web Filter, HTML Component Downloader, Web Accelerators, Web Page e-Mailer, RSS Reader, Fast Start Genie, Boss Key, and Windows Shutdown Tool, etc. In addition, this edition includes free 60-day evaluation period of Professional Edition which further integrates a File Backup Tool, a Directory Synchronizer, and a Batch File Renamer.

This version includes features like being compatible with Windows 7, fast previewing files supporting ActiveX, viewing files in thumbnails, and so on.


Dual Panels:

* An essential functionality for multi-tasking and file management.
* Double-click on a tab or use hotkey to switch single/dual-panel mode.


* A multi-tabbed browsing design.
* Any tabs, a folder or a web page, can be moved between panels.


* You can set related folders, files, programs, and web pages as a group.

Smart Use of Mouse:

* Scroll up or down to switch tabs.
* Drag and drop files to a folder tab or zip tab in the opposite panel; drag and drop subfolders to a tab bar.
* Right-click or left-click to open a folder, favorites, or a group to the left or right panel.

Floating Navigation Panel:

* Multi-tabbed design, among these tabs, Tab ´Preview Backup File´ allows you to preview the content of files and restore them.

Customize Toolbars:

* Toolbars, including Fast Start Bar, Function Key Bar, and Search Toolbars, are configurable.

Powerful File Compressor:

* Support Unicode
Exp+ can handle non-English file names, thus, file exchange won´t be troublesome at all.
* Compress/Extract files as/from ZIP and JAR archives.
* Extract RAR archives.
* Support the compression/Extraction of files as/from compression methods supported by 7-zip format.

Move and Copy Files:

* With dual panels, file copy and move can be done in a blink by using F6 and F7.

Consecutive File Renamer:

* By pressing Up or Down key in a row, you can rename files consecutively.

View a large number of images:

* You can view images in thumbs, graphics, or details, etc. in a cycle by using hotkey or button.

File Content Previewer :

* With this tool, contents of certain types of files, for example, image files, .txt files, and those that supports ActiveX format, such as MS Office files and PDF files, can be previewed.

Image Previewer:

* Whenever the cursor is moved onto an icon of an image file, its content will be instantly shown in a floating auto-size window.

Multi-Process & Multi-Thread:

* Based on a unique multi-process and multi-thread design, Exp+ Web Browser is faster and more stable. Granted that it is based on IE, it is faster than IE.

Web Filter:

* Besides general web filtering rules, you can also set up exceptions. Filtering items contain pop-ups, images, Script, ActiveX, and Java Applet, and so forth.

Create Search Engines:

* You can create search engine of your own, and manage your "Multiple Search List". Alias search is also allowed.

Web Page e-Mailer:

* Instantly e-mail any web page to a friend along with your message.
* One-time setting of SMTP

Simply set up server address, port number and your account info. e.g., port no.465.

Drag & Drop Text Search:

* Words in a web page can be used as search keyword. Upon dragging and dropping them, you activate search engines in Multiple Search List simultaneously.

RSS Reader:

* With this built-in functionality, reading any RSS feeds is just as easy as browsing a web page in Risingware Exp+.

Plug-in:HTML Component Downloader:

* While current tab is a web page, you can activate this tool to download images files, ActiveX objects and Scripts.

Fast Start Genie:
By using this universal shortcut manager, It’s very simple to start any Windows app. Just do one of the following:

* Use configurable hotkey
* Click on self-defined Fast Start Bar button
* Type self-defined alias

Quick Shutdown Tool:

* This tool is the greatest alternative of Windows commands, include Shutdown, Hibernate, Log off, Restart, and Standby.


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